Q1. Is there any types of apparel I can not attach my pendant to?

A1. No. The world of expression and options are your oyster here. Easily attach all of your NONEKLACE pendants to any piece of apparel you want to accent. 


Q2. Is there dangers to the magnets you use on your pendants?

A2. Please see this link to our Safety Page


Q3. How do NN pendants interchange/attach to the apparel? 

A3. Rocket science of course. Really but not really. The science behind our bracing system may not have much to do with sending rockets into space, but a lot of thought has gone into it. For the keep sake of your time and our gift to ramble, magnets. The pendants have a thin magnet attached to the back of them and are accompanied by another single magnet for the inside of your apparel. Much like an earring back relates to an earring.  


Q4. Is the magnet on my apparel uncomfortable? 

A4. It's not uncomfortable... At all. We have engineered a magnet that is approximately the thickness of paper with the magnetic strength of holding 40 times the weight of our pendants! Safe to say you won't even know its there and will not have to worry about it going anywhere.   


Q5. How do you say NONEKLACE? Is it NONE-KA-LACE? Sounds French

A5. We love your creativity and can use an extra mind like yours on our design team, but for now lets stick to the question at hand. It is NO-NEK-LACE, as in NO-NECKLACE. PS- we're not French.


Q6. What happens if I lose my magnet?

A6. Hopefully you have an extra magnet that came with your other NONEKLACE pendants. If you do not have other pendants then shame on you. But we'll let it slide this time and present you with this shortcut to get more- magnets.  


We hope this has helped answer some of your questions. We are always here to answer new ones at CService@noneklace.com. We strive to make sure that your shopping experience with us is fun and the best it can be. Please feel free to reach out with anything that will help. Except break-up advice.  Everything else is ok. 

                                                                                                        At Your Service,

NONEKLACE Customer Service Team